Privacy Policy

This document shall be construed as a “Privacy Policy” mandated under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules notified there under.

KETTY APPARELS INDIA PVT. LTD. Mumbai and its associated entities (we, our or us) is deeply committed to the relationship of trust we have with you — our customers. For more than 40 years we have been creating authentic products by leading with our values. As we continue to innovate in how we bring our products to life online, we’ll match cutting-edge technology with your privacy interests.



We want you to know what and how information is collected when you interact with us through our retail stores, our call centres, associated entities, service providers, franchisees, apps, and websites.


We will offer you choices about how your information can be used by us and our trusted business partners.

Data Integrity

We will take reasonable precautions to protect information we collect about you through our retail stores, our call centres, associated entities, service providers, franchisees, apps, and websites, through the use of secure technologies, in accordance with applicable law.


Browsing Information

Browsing Information is information collected through cookies and web beacons to track what products you viewed and purchased online, what areas or pages you viewed on our website, and other information about your browser and browsing behaviour. We use browsing information to improve the design and content of our website, to suggest content and products that we think may be relevant to you, and to help us learn things like what pages are most attractive to our visitors, what promotions visitors like to see, and to gauge the success of our advertising campaigns.


A “cookie” is a computer file that acts as an identification card for your computer. When you visit our sites, unique cookies are placed on your browser. The purpose of the cookie is to distinguish your browser from all other browsers that visit our sites. By recognizing your browser, we can serve you better. For example, the cookies allow us to hold the selections in your shopping cart when you navigate away from the order page on our website and then return to complete the order; because of the cookie, you don’t have to start over with your shopping. We can also keep track of what pages of our website your browser visited and whether you purchased a product. That way we can measure such things as how effective our advertising campaigns have been. Working with third-party advertising companies, the use of cookies also enables us to provide you with customized banner ads on different websites, customized content on our website, and customized emails that we think will be more useful than randomly-generated ads and content because they are based on your past purchases and page visits to our website.

Interest-Based Advertising

Interest-based advertising has become commonplace across the Web. It is the term we use for the activity that enables us to tailor ads to your interests and activities. Either we, or third-party advertising companies we work with, may look at your browsing activity, such as the types of content you access, ads you click on, and searches you conduct. We can then infer certain interests you have and place ads and offer you deals that meet your needs. Our goal for interest-based advertising is to show ads to people likely to be interested in the products we offer.

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)

Any information that either actually identifies you, or can be used to identify you, is considered personally identifiable information or PII. The PII that we may collect includes your name, date of birth, gender, physical address, e-mail, phone number, fax number, and credit card information, purchase history, and your image and voice from our CCTV footage in our retail stores.

Third-Party Advertising Companies

We allow certain companies to collect information from browsers of our website to use to serve interest-based ads. These companies are usually third party ad servers, ad agencies, technology vendors or providers of sponsored content. Using cookies and web beacons, these companies collect data from a particular browser about web viewing behaviours over time and across unrelated websites and use such data to predict user preferences and to deliver advertisements to that browser which are calculated to target that browser’s predicted preferences.

Trusted Business Partners

We work with industry-leading business partners who help us operate our website and provide important services to our customers and visitors. Our business partners may change over time but we are committed to building relationships with third parties who are dedicated to providing you a safe and satisfying experience on our website. Our trusted business partners are contractually obligated to collect and use any information collected from you on our website or on our behalf in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Web Beacons

When you visit our website, web beacons will recognize specific cookies that have been placed on your browser. Web beacons can convey information that a browser with a recognized cookie has accessed a page or a certain part of a page on our website, depending on where the web beacon is located on the website. For example, a web beacon located on our purchase confirmation page will record that a browser with a recognized cookie accessed that page which means that we can conclude that the browser was used to purchase a product. The web beacon does not, however, tell us that you specifically (by reference to PII) have purchased a product because the cookie only identifies the browser and not you personally.

We use web beacons to suggest content and products that we think may be relevant to you, to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and to improve our website by recognizing which pages are visited and whether those visits result in purchases. Web beacons also allow third-party advertising companies we work with to select and serve banner advertisements to your browser that you would be most likely to be interested in.


What Information Do We Collect?

We collect PII at different touchpoints, including when you register with our websites or through one of our retail stores, register with one of our loyalty programs, participate in competitions that we run from time to time, enter into one of our retail stores or website, make a purchase in one of our retail stores or through our website, or otherwise use any of our services. We combine PII we collect from you on the website with PII and other information we receive from you when you make a purchase in one of our retail stores or from one of our wholesale partners as well as PII and other information we receive about you from other third parties such as our trusted business partners and social media platforms.

We automatically collect browsing information when you visit our websites, and use traffic counters when you enter our retail stores.. This type of browsing information is linked to an anonymous IP identifier and is not linked to you personally. If for any reason this browsing information is linked to information that can personally identify you, we’ll treat it as PII.

We use the Google Maps service on our website. We may use the Google Maps service to collect information about your physical location. We use this information to help you find our closest store, wholesale partner or reseller location. The Google Maps service is governed by Google’s Privacy Policy located at If for any reason your location information is linked to information that can personally identify you, we’ll treat it as PII.

From time to time, you may provide us, and we may collect from you, PII of a third party (for example, for delivery purposes). Where you provide the PII of a third party, it is your responsibility to ensure that those persons are aware of: a) this Privacy Policy; and b) the fact that you are sharing their PII with us.

While you have the discretion to use a pseudonym or remain anonymous when dealing with us, the use of pseudonyms may prevent us from being able to provide you with products and services or for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy. This is particularly the case where you purchase goods online, or require delivery of goods to your postal address.

You do not have to provide us with any PII, however if you do not do so we may not be able to provide you with the products, services or benefits you have requested.

All information that you share about yourself, whether PII or not, in a public open forum – on a social network, in user-generated content elements of our website, etc. will be considered public information for the purposes of this Policy. Although we appreciate your input, and at times ask for it, it is better to not post it if you aren’t comfortable with it being public.

Who Collects Information?

We collect information from you when you interact with us through our retail stores, call centers, associated entities, service providers, franchisees, apps or our website. We may also collect information about you from third parties, such as through social media platforms or our trusted business partners who also collect information from you on our behalf in the course of helping us operate our website and provide services of interest to you. We may collect your PII from other individuals who choose to share your PII with us. also refer to our trusted business partners. We also permit third-party advertising companies to collect your browsing information as well to provide ads on our behalf that are tailored to your interests. See the “Interest Based Advertising Section below for more information on interest-based ads and your choices regarding your information.

When you interact with us through our website, information may be collected in several different ways. It may be collected in obvious, active ways, such as when you provide your name and address or other information when making a purchase, when using the customer service chat feature, when you enter a contest or sweepstakes or if you upload a photo or product review to our site. It may also be collected passively or automatically when you visit and move around on our website through the use of cookies and web beacons that capture your browsing information to enable us and third-party advertising companies to better tailor content and advertising to you.

In general, collection of your PII, browsing information and information you post or provide may vary across our stores and website depending on their purpose, functionality or unique aspects.

Details about the primary entity which handles and retains your personal information is provided below:[• Insert Name] [• Insert Address]

Use and Sharing of Collected Information

We use information collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy for a number of purposes.

  • We use your information collected to:
    • Complete transactions and otherwise facilitate your online shopping experience including deliveries of our products;
    • Offer you information and promotional material about our products and services;
    • Respond to any queries, comments, complaints, or other communications you have with us;
    • Facilitate your participation in our loyalty programs;
    • Facilitate your participation in competitions, special offers, and promotions.
  • We use your browsing information to help us analyze our website, consumer behaviour and our services and offerings.
  • We use your browsing and shopping information to provide you with interest-based advertising.
  • We may use information you post in public areas (whether a third party social network, or in user-generated content elements of our website) to provide you with an interactive social media experience that brings aspects of your social networking community to our website.
  • We may use all the above information for administrative purposes, including planning, development, procurement, loss prevention, and quality control.
  • We may use your PII as well as de-identified information for analytic purposes.

We do not share your PII with third parties for their marketing purposes or other than as described in this privacy statement. Any trusted business partner receiving PII is contractually prohibited from discussing, disclosing or making any use of such PII except as directly necessary to provide us with the services for which we have contracted. We may disclose to third parties your browsing information and other information that does not include your PII. However, in such cases, your information is aggregated with the information of others and does not identify you individually.

We do not collect and use PII in ways that are incompatible with the purposes for which it was initially collected or subsequently authorized by you, except as required or permitted by law.

We do not retain your PII for longer than it is required for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy or is otherwise required under any applicable law for the time being in force.

We may share PII and browsing information:

  • Within our family of brands and with businesses controlling, controlled by, or under common control with KETTY APPARELS INDIA PVT. LTD. Mumbai.
  • With our service providers, including deliveries, couriers, internet service providers, IT system administrators, promotions companies, marketing consultants, mailing houses, payment processors and other third party suppliers with whom we have business relationships;
  • With our consultants and professional advisors;
  • With our call centres, associated entities, franchisees, wholesale partners or resellers.

These parties have their own privacy policies which governs the way that they deal with PII.

If KETTY APPARELS INDIA PVT. LTD. Mumbai or one of its associated entities is merged, acquired, or sold, or in the event of a transfer of some or all of our assets, we may disclose or transfer PII and browsing information in connection with such transaction. You will have the opportunity to opt out of any such transfer if, in our discretion, it will result in the handling of your PII in a way that differs materially from this Privacy Policy.

We will get your consent first if at any time we would like to share your PII with other third parties for their marketing purposes or otherwise use your information in a way that is not consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Job Applicants

If you are a candidate for employment with us, we may collect other information as further set out in our application forms or during the recruitment and selection process including interviews. This may include information relating to your employment history, working eligibility rights, suitability for the role you are applying for, and your referee details.


Your PII

With your PII — like the information you give us to fulfil an order or sign up for an online offer or contest – we will always give you the right to change or correct your information and the choice of not receiving marketing from us again. There are several ways you can control our use of any submitted PII in connection with promotional communications.

When you set up an account, or click on “Sign In” from any page on our website, you can access, correct or update your choices and settings. If your personal details change, such as your address or phone number, please update them through your online account.

If you receive email marketing communications from us on behalf of any of our brands and want to opt out of receiving such communications in the future from that brand, you can opt out by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the promotional email.

At your written request, we will provide you with a copy of any PII which we hold about you, unless an exception under local law applies. If you would like to do so, please contact us at If you cannot correct your PII through your account, or have any difficulty managing your communication preferences, please contact us at and we will take reasonable steps to correct that information unless an exemption under local law applies.

You may also write to us at any time requesting amendments to certain PII that you consider to be incorrect or irrelevant or to request that we block, erase or otherwise remove your PII. We will update, block, erase or remove your PII upon request in accordance with local law.

Please be aware that some of the user content that you provide to us and which appears on our website (such as photos you submit to participate in competitions) may be stored and controlled by third party providers. While we will take reasonable steps to comply with your requests in relation to your PII, in some limited cases this may not be possible. If so, we will try to provide you with the details of the appropriate third party provider so you may contact them directly.

You may at any time write to us to revoke or withdraw your consent to provide your PII to us. However, such action may render it impossible for us to assist you any further through our website.

Interest-Based Advertising

Our systems do not recognize browser “Do Not Track” signals, but several of the third-party advertising companies who utilize cookies on our website to provide interest-based advertising enable you to opt out of those practices. If you would like to learn more about interest-based advertising and see what choices you may have about how companies use your information, please go to _____________ or _____________________ . We do not operate or control these sites, and are not responsible for the opt-out choices available there. The only way to fully opt-out of online tracking is to adjust your browser settings to reject cookies or to notify you when a cookie is set. Please remember, even if you opt out of interest-based advertising on or through or other opt out sites or services you may still receive marketing material from us, as interest-based ads are only one form of advertising. You may opt out of receiving any marketing material from us as set out above.

Finally, it is important to note that in most cases opting out drops an “opt-out cookie” on your browser. As a result, if you delete, block or otherwise restrict cookies or use a different computer or browser, you’ll need to renew your opt-out choice.

Controlling Cookies

Because cookies and web beacons are the technology generally driving collection of browsing information, you can also block cookies to control data collection related to interest-based advertising. You can typically do so through your browser. For instructions, check your browser’s technical information. Preventing your browser from accepting cookies prevents the collection of your browsing information for purposes of delivering interest-based ads. However, it may also disable or interfere with shopping features on our sites and other sites that you may visit. For example, cookies allow us to hold your shopping cart selections when you navigate away and then return to the order page. Cookies also allow us to recognize you as an account holder when you return to our sites. Most browsers accept cookies automatically.

Interacting with Social Media on our Website

Social media provides tools that many of our customers use and enjoy, and we include links to various social media platforms on our website. If you interact with these social media tools through our website, your experience on those social media sites will be governed by the privacy and other policies of those sites. The privacy settings you have chosen on those sites will determine the degree to which your information is made public. We encourage you to choose your privacy settings on those sites accordingly.


Our website may contain links to other websites. A link to a third party’s website does not mean that we endorse it or that we are affiliated with it. We do not exercise control over third-party websites. You access such third-party websites or content at your own risk. You should always read the privacy policy of a third-party website before providing any information to the website.

Additional privacy policies may apply where we conduct certain promotions and make special offers. You should always check to see whether additional privacy provisions apply.


Use of our website is available only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Persons who are ‘incompetent to contract’ within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors are not eligible to use our website. A minor i.e. under the age of 18 years, should not use, access or transact on our website. If a minor wishes to use or transact or provide his/her PII on our website, such PII should be provided by their legal guardian or parents.

In addition to this, we do not knowingly collect PII from children under the age of 13. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received PII from a child under the age of 13, we will delete such information from our records.


We keep your PII confidential and we require, by contract, that each of our trusted business partners who may have access to any such PII keep it confidential as well. Our trusted business partners, in turn, may share information with their own service providers pursuant to similar confidentiality restrictions.

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any of your PII to any other outside parties without getting your consent first. “Outside parties” do not include companies owned by KETTY APPARELS INDIA PVT. LTD. Mumbaior our trusted business partners who help operate and provide services on our website.

Of course, to the extent we reasonably believe that a disclosure is required by law, to enforce our website policies, or to protect your or others’ rights, property or safety, we reserve the right to do so.

Safeguarding Your PII

Your PII and any other information collected by us is processed in strict accordance with the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000, and the rules notified there under. We implement and maintain ‘Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures’ as stated in the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, while processing, storing, or handling any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data or Information (as defined under applicable law) collected from you.

However, by sharing information with us, you acknowledge and agree that data transmissions are never completely private or secure. You understand that any message or information you send to us may be read or intercepted by others and you do so at your own risk, even if there is a special notice that a particular transmission is encrypted. Nonetheless, we maintain security measures in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws, regulations and industry practices to protect the PII you provide to us against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized use or disclosure.

When you register at our website, , we ask you to set up a password that you can use to access your information at our website. If you want to cancel your password or change it, or something happens to your password, click on “Sign In” from any page on our website, and you can access, correct or update your choices and settings from within your account.

We may use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt transmissions of sensitive information from your computer to our servers. However, when you communicate with customer service via email or chat on our website, these communications are handled via unsecured transmissions. Please be aware that information provided (such as email address, payment information, etc.) may be accessible to others. For that reason we ask that you protect yourself and not share sensitive information via these communication channels.

Disclosure to other countries

Please be aware that your PII, browsing information, and communications may be transferred to and maintained on servers or databases located outside India. In addition to this, for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we may also disclose your PII to our associated entities, call centres, wholesale partners, resellers, affiliates and service providers which are located in Singapore, the Netherlands, United States of America and Australia.

By providing your PII to us, you are agreeing to the collection, use, transfer, and disclosure of your PII and browsing information to those countries, and accept that communications will be governed by the applicable laws in those countries. You may request us not to transfer your PII to the countries listed above, but if you do so we may not be able to provide the services or products you have requested from us.


In accordance with the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules notified there under, the contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided below. If you have any questions, complaints or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact the Grievance Officer.

Address: Anubhav Bldg. Zaver Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai – 400080, India


Updates to the Privacy Policy

If we modify this Privacy Policy, we will post the revised Privacy Policy on our website. We may also post a notice on our website or send an email describing the changes if the Policy changes in any material way which may be detrimental to you. You should check our website regularly to see if any recent changes to this Privacy Policy have occurred. Changes will go into effect on the last updated date shown in the revised Privacy Policy. By continuing to use our website, you are consenting to the revised Privacy Policy.